Skatosis #12


We’re sick with Skatosis and talk mostly about Street League, Leticia Bufoni, Chris Joslin, Shane Oneil, Brian Anderson and a bunch of other skateboarding topics!


00:38 greetings
01:50 skating at night
02:15 Streets of Fire
02:20 glow in the dark skate session??
03:49 Contest in Oshkosh! Oct 29th
Halloween Spooktacular Skateboard Contest
04:41 ODS sponsorship! giving away some product
05:37 Coozie or Koozie or Coozy or Koozy??
06:44 hoodie with coozie pocket by Zane Lamprey
07:27 ODS Hoodie pre-sale coming soon! What’s your favorite style?
09:00 Support Skatosis by shopping at Old Dude Skate Co and Adam & Eve
09:38 slams from On the Pew #10
10:59 yoga
11:30 Street League recap including Leticia Bufoni and her mega slam!
15:55 PRod’s pebble OCD and his new sponsor
18:00 Chris Cole does great commentary
20:34 ODS plans and goals
21:20 Brian Anderson on coming out and being a rad skater
26:10 “the first cement loop in the world”
29:18 Avocado skatepark
30:41 crazy gap to hill bomb
30:10 Avocado couple tattoo
31:23 growing up visiting steep LA streets
33:20 Titanic final hill bomb
35:20 closing goodbyes