Skatosis #14


Drew’s 45th Birthday episode! We talk about the killer barn skate session last weekend with 20 skaters killing it! We also talk about Dylan Rieder, Figgy, KOTR, and a bunch more…


00:40 greetings
01:18 scratchy voice apologies
01:43 Drew’s 45th birth skate session with the Barn Burner Crew!
07:14 Aaron’s parking spot at ODS HQ
08:00 R.I.P. Dylan Rieder
11:15 Figgy’s B Role
11:30 Facebook Live again
12:18 skateboarding and manners
13:38 you catch more flies with honey then with vinegar
14:30 getting to know you’re skater bro
15:45 focus your board and its meaning
22:28 tricks and their names
23:25 Cabelarial – Now You Know
24:25 purists
26:30 Nyjah Bangin
28:00 Leticia Bufoni doesn’t look hurt at all!
28:30 impossible to judge skateboarding style
29:44 age limitations for Olympics?
31:23 Nike and the Back to the Future shoes
37:50 closing goodbyes
32:35 Magnified Oscar Navarro
32:45 PUSH 2
32:53 Malto – Reflections
33:14 closing goodbyes