Skatosis #15


We’re recording and skateboarding in the middle of the night this week! Lots of talk about Chicago, the upcoming contest in Oshkosh, skanking, rails, as well as all the clips we’ve been watching!


00:40 greetings
01:30 super late recording session
02:45 Facebook Live (my camera died towards the end!!)
03:12 new wheels and bearings are the best!
04:15 Streets of Fire contest coming up on Saturday the 29th!
06:50 Oh Yes… ODS!
09:10 ramp initiation
10:26 Aaron’s skate trip to Chicago and Madison
11:23 more ODS stickers at Grant Park!
12:20 ODS stickers – go buy some!
13:40 Aaron’s on his 3rd ODS skateboard!
15:45 Aaron’s favorite weekend spot
17:02 Spanky’s b-sides
19:14 skank vs. skank
21:39 one rail for grabs?
23:47 skateboarding dog Guiness Record
25:30 Kyle Walker grinding a huuuuge rail
26:50 SOTY 2016??
29:10 Phelps and his interview style
31:53 Jaws Magnified in Tokyo
33:13 Jaws STF Bones!
34:58 spray painting skateboards
37:53 closing goodbyes