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Skatosis #37

Skatosis #37

Happy First Day of Spring!!! We made it through winter and managed to skate every week!


00:36 intros and greetings
01:30 HQ upgrades
02:30 Aaron’s wisdom teeth are gone
03:50 double helix ramp?
04:40 Good Homies SOTY trip
07:30 skate initiations
09:00 Ishod might not know how to walk
10:20 Louie Lopez
12:00 gushing about skateboarding
13:00 Devium ad with rafting to full pipe
14:21 Skatosis trip to Louisville this weekend to the David Armstrong Extreme Park!
16:00 Sam Beckett In Transition
17:45 skateboarding in Crocs
18:38 new Skatosis stickers available now!
19:58 wearing your own logos
20:43 Riley’s Dad board at the secret Lizzie Pro party
22:00 Hawk / Cab doubles going the same direction!
23:00 Steve Cabalerro’s flexibility as he ages.
25:30 BATB X
27:26 Shout out to Chris Roberts and The Nine Club
30:37 outros and goodbyes

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