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Skatosis #39

Skatosis #39

ODS HQ ramp upgrades and much much more!


00:36 intros and greetings
00:43 the definition of Skatosis
01:56 the origin of the name Skatosis
02:30 why Old Dude Skate Co is really for most ages
04:24 Welcome’s Fetish video
06:20 D Vargs concrete squeak speed check
07:08 blurry footage in Louisville from OTP #40
08:46 ODS HQ ramp upgrades
09:45 36’x10′ of flat ground!
10:29 shout out to Menard’s for the masonite hookup
12:45 advice for the young kids at a hardware store
14:55 there’s a new pew on the ramp
18:38 doing chores to earn ramp time
19:20 Pedro Barros : 1st Place Run, Pedro Barros 94.45 | Serra Negra, 2017 Pro Tour | Vans Park Series
21:47 Collin Provost crazy slappy flips
22:03 New Balance fastest kickflip
23:20 Moto Shibata – Trannies
24:06 BATB X – Skatosis brackets
27:25 2 yr old pro with a diaper commercial
28:36 Kevin Viernes Bangin
29:24 Gumby skate video?
30:05 deck on a trampoline
31:51 Jason Park is a wizard
32:10 front shuv late varial heel flip?!?
32:38 Old Greg
33:14 show note about show notes
33:33 another shout out to Chris Roberts and The 9 Club
34:21 Cabellero trying to beat Jeff Grosso’s boardslide record
35:40 Wonder Woman pushes mongo
37:45 Old Dawg Skate Co
38:21 outros and goodbyes

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