Skatosis #8


We recorded this show in the middle of a killer Labor Day skate sesh at ODS HQ with the local Barn Burners as well as the Streets of Fire crew from Oshkosh!

Show Notes:

00:40 greetings
01:20 Streets of Fire Labor Day session!
05:00 out of breath from skatosis and out of water
05:57 Pepé Le Pew
07:37 oververt full clip – Bru-Ray: CPH 2016
10:00 Crazy
10:54 Drop of Doom
11:36 5pm geese
14:38 Jarne Verbruggen’s “Never Skatebored” Part Chinese Fountains
15:56 Happy 59th Birthday Tony Alva!
17:40 suicide by sad plant on a mega ramp #skatetildeath
19:17 Dylan Righthand and his many varial variations
19:55 pirouettes in ballet shoes up next
22:20 Skatosis Facebook
22:35 Android users and our iTunes contest
23:53 Black Caverns intros and bumpers
24:36 sign off
24:46 ad – use the code SK8
25:24 Outro / Ad by Black Caverns