Am Scramble 2017 Video

The idea was simple: take nine of the best amateur skaters in the world on a good ol’ fashioned American road trip. What we ended up with might be the heaviest 10 days of all time. Watch Jarne, Axel, Erick, Ducky, Glick, Foy, Mason, Tyson and Zion redefine what it means to be a sponsored amateur. This is the first annual Thrasher Am Scramble!

Source: Thrasher Magazine – Am Scramble 2017 Video

Instagram and Facebook are the problem?

"Instagram ruined skateboarding". From #steveberra via Instagram live. #slapmessageboards #youtube

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Unfortunately I missed the whole rant, but in my opinion, that’s an easy attitude to have if you’re the one trying to control the flow of media. I love that I have the ability to post as much content as I want. My content might not be of the same calibre, but it gives all skaters the same platform to try and get into that limelight that The Berrics control a lot of.

Thanks for recording that Marty, most people will have missed that.

The downhill thrill on SF’s steepest streets

A video that was spread showed one officer bumping into a skateboarder, causing him to slam at high speed into a patrol car and flip onto the pavement — an incident that is under investigation. Another video shows a man wrecking on his own, tumbling on the concrete and sustaining what appeared to be serious injuries.

Source: The downhill thrill on SF’s steepest streets – San Francisco Chronicle

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