Skatosis #41

Skatosis #41

Skateboarding focus groups, sun dials, ringing bells, blunt to blunt to blunt, early grab woes, Mano a Mano, rolling in, style matters, Jimmy Wilkins kills it at Vert Attack, Lizzie Armanto’s Fire part teaser and now full part is out, Gonz and his new Beemer board design, all that and much much more!



Thrasher Magazine – King of the Road Season 2: Series Trailer

Can’t wait!

The original road trip from hell roars back to life on Viceland! Creature, enjoi and Deathwish push the tricks and torture to unheard of levels in what is seriously the gnarliest, weirdest and most ridiculous KOTR we’ve ever done. The TV series starts June 8th, with always-free webisodes on the Thrasher site the following day. Check the carnage to come!

Source: Thrasher Magazine – King of the Road Season 2: Series Trailer

LACEY BAKER | The Berrics



Hot on the heels of winning SLS Women’s Division championship in 2016 and dropping a couple of street parts within the past year, Nike SB announces Lacey Baker as its latest addition to the team. Baker joins Leticia Bufoni as the second female member of Nike’s skateboarding program. This is definitely well-deserved.

Source: LACEY BAKER | The Berrics

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