Skatosis #50

Skatosis #50

It’s a big milestone today as we celebrate our 50th episode!! Episode 5-0!!! On top of that we’re recording on Go Skateboarding Day 2017 before our epic 3 spot adventure! Lots of skateboarding to cover as we get interrupted by 2 different #barnburnercrew phone calls since we were all so excited to go out and skate!




CRIBS | Nyjah Huston

I think this was shot for Snapchat, so it’s kinda strange that it’s a vertical video, but it must be nice to have all this from playing with a wooden toy…

Greyson Fletcher in Bali

Greyson Fletcher recently spent a month down in Bali with filmer Brandon Jensen tearing up everything in his path and having a good time along the way. Press play and enjoy the fruits of their travels!

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 with Old Dude Skate Co. and the #barnburnercrew

Port Washington pump track, Estabrook DIY & the secret ODS HQ

Music is by Kyle Megna & The Monsoons


The Berrics just shared out the Alumni video! Way to go Carter and Nick!!

When it comes to being nice, Madison, Wisconsin’s Alumni Boardshop has been known to be among the nicest. If you need proof, check out the shop’s promo, which features ten minutes of tightly edited clips (courtesy of filmer Earth Flint) and a soundtrack to keep you smiling. (Note to all future videographers: Elton John is woefully underutilized; get with it, Honky cats.)

Source: ALUMNI BOARDSHOP | The Berrics

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