Skatosis #45

Skatosis #45

We review the new Creature movie and talk about Ryan Reyes and Kevin Baekkel among the rest of the killer team, but little did we know that we’d get a chance to meet them after recording this episode! All that and plenty more in this week’s episode… #shredtheword

(Ryan Reyes, Kevin Baekkel and Lefty representing Old Dude Skate Co!)

Skatosis #44

Skatosis #44

We had a great time with a new Barn Burner Crew member this past weekend and we can’t stop talking about him, thanks for coming the shred Jason! Creature is starting to put clips out from their new video, get it on iTunes! SLS on ETN, Firing Line, more CJ at Camp Woodward, Sheckler on a tear, double hardflips, and so much more… Come have a listen to two skateboarding fanatics talk about skateboarding before they go skateboard!

Skatosis #43

Skatosis #43

We just got back from the Streets of Fire skate shop video premier called Out of Order where our very own Monte Monte had the opening part and was proudly sporting his ODS gear throughout. Shoutout to The Bunt! BATB bracket update, skateboarding in Costa Rica, 10 year old kid shredding, Camp Woodward revolution, buttery nollie flip on transition, blunts with hand trucks… all that and more!

Skatosis #41

Skatosis #41

Skateboarding focus groups, sun dials, ringing bells, blunt to blunt to blunt, early grab woes, Mano a Mano, rolling in, style matters, Jimmy Wilkins kills it at Vert Attack, Lizzie Armanto’s Fire part teaser and now full part is out, Gonz and his new Beemer board design, all that and much much more!

Skatosis #39

Skatosis #39

ODS HQ ramp upgrades and much much more!


00:36 intros and greetings
00:43 the definition of Skatosis
01:56 the origin of the name Skatosis
02:30 why Old Dude Skate Co is really for most ages
04:24 Welcome’s Fetish video
06:20 D Vargs concrete squeak speed check
07:08 blurry footage in Louisville from OTP #40
08:46 ODS HQ ramp upgrades
09:45 36’x10′ of flat ground!
10:29 shout out to Menard’s for the masonite hookup
12:45 advice for the young kids at a hardware store
14:55 there’s a new pew on the ramp
18:38 doing chores to earn ramp time
19:20 Pedro Barros : 1st Place Run, Pedro Barros 94.45 | Serra Negra, 2017 Pro Tour | Vans Park Series
21:47 Collin Provost crazy slappy flips
22:03 New Balance fastest kickflip
23:20 Moto Shibata – Trannies
24:06 BATB X – Skatosis brackets
27:25 2 yr old pro with a diaper commercial
28:36 Kevin Viernes Bangin
29:24 Gumby skate video?
30:05 deck on a trampoline
31:51 Jason Park is a wizard
32:10 front shuv late varial heel flip?!?
32:38 Old Greg
33:14 show note about show notes
33:33 another shout out to Chris Roberts and The 9 Club
34:21 Cabellero trying to beat Jeff Grosso’s boardslide record
35:40 Wonder Woman pushes mongo
37:45 Old Dawg Skate Co
38:21 outros and goodbyes

Skatosis #37

Skatosis #37

Happy First Day of Spring!!! We made it through winter and managed to skate every week!


00:36 intros and greetings
01:30 HQ upgrades
02:30 Aaron’s wisdom teeth are gone
03:50 double helix ramp?
04:40 Good Homies SOTY trip
07:30 skate initiations
09:00 Ishod might not know how to walk
10:20 Louie Lopez
12:00 gushing about skateboarding
13:00 Devium ad with rafting to full pipe
14:21 Skatosis trip to Louisville this weekend to the David Armstrong Extreme Park!
16:00 Sam Beckett In Transition
17:45 skateboarding in Crocs
18:38 new Skatosis stickers available now!
19:58 wearing your own logos
20:43 Riley’s Dad board at the secret Lizzie Pro party
22:00 Hawk / Cab doubles going the same direction!
23:00 Steve Cabalerro’s flexibility as he ages.
25:30 BATB X
27:26 Shout out to Chris Roberts and The Nine Club
30:37 outros and goodbyes