Skatosis #36

Skatosis #36

Happy First Day of Spring!!! We made it through winter and managed to skate every week!


00:36 intros and greetings
01:20 Miles Silvas PUSH part
03:24 Louie Lopez Spitfire part
04:13 it must be nice, does Yoon skate?
04:50 BATB XI – filmers edition?
06:05 working in skateboarding
06:55 overlooking Chicago as a skate stop
13:03 podcasting Hall of Fame
13:42 possible Skatosis road trip
16:09 skate park water cooler
17:00 In-n-Out Burger
17:54 meeting Chaz Ortiz
18:30 In Crust We Trust
19:20 Spring long boarding
19:39 skateboarding all winter
20:25 fully addicted to skateboarding
20:46 OTP without Monte
21:46 Erik Winkowski Independent Ad
23:00 learn switch so that fakie isn’t so hard?
24:20 Elijah channels Natas on the same fire hydrant
24:47 Natas inspired my ollies
26:24 Skate Girls – The Conversation
27:30 Skatosis and being a niche podcast
28:46 Monday’s are the best day of the week!
29:08 Happy first day of Spring!
29:25 outros and goodbyes

Skatosis #35

Skatosis #35

SOOO much skateboarding this past week, it just doesn’t stop! We recap a little before we take an intermission to head out to Chicago to check out the new House of Vans. Not only did we get to skate the park, drink free beer and eat free pizza, but we also got to watch and meet Chaz Ortiz! Such a good time!

Skatosis #34

Skatosis #34

We’re both a little beat up today but nothing can stop our love of skateboarding…


00:37 greetings & intros
01:00 Real life THPS rewards “Get some!”
01:55 Danny Way and his records vs. the China Wall
03:15 Aaron and his weak dancing knees
05:45 Birthday recap – 43 rock to fakies on OTP.32
06:50 The Barn Burner Crew at Cream City Skate Park!
10:02 busted hip while covered in pads
12:20 skatosis is the worst when you’re hurt
13:03 skateboarding!
13:47 more speed = more tricks
14:35 metal on concrete makes me smile
14:50 local phenom Carter Oeflein @coeflein on Double Tapped twice in 2 weeks!
18:30 hippie jump hubba / hippie chute?
19:38 ETN feedback
22:50 Congrats to Louie Lopez for winning Tampa Pro
25:00 Tom Schaar wins the Vans Park Series 2017
29:25 Atlantic Drift ep. 2
32:25 Jaws playing jaw harp techno
34:20 no comply shuv to no comply
34:55 Primitive mini doc on Diejo Najera
36:07 Beaver Fleming found the cheat codes for Skatercross
37:55 Daewon Song is the ultimate skateboarding ambassador
41:50 shout outs and goodbyes

Skatosis #30

Skatosis #30

We’re a bit rushed today since some of the Barn Burner Crew is out skating the ramp while we record, but we go over some key edits from the week including: The Man with no Stance at The Berrics, Primitive’s Opal part for Diego going pro, and of course the monstrous gap at the Vans Combi bowl by Clay Kreiner. All that and more!

Skatosis #29

Skatosis #29

We start off talking about OTP #27 from last weekend, 5-0 carving in, instagram stories and live video, Thrasher highlights, Ben Raybourn skating US Bank in Milwaukee, recognizing skate spots, doing the same trick as someone else, Curren Caples Push, Matt Berger at The Berrics, House of Vans in Chicago, all that and more!

Skatosis #28

Skatosis #28

The Barn Burner Crew gets more and more legit each week, Dashawn Jordan and his Hollywood High clinic, what and when was the first trick at Hollywood High? Jamie Foy on the 9 Club, podcasting nerd moment, powerful thick dudes, Poohrail’s rough cut, skateboarding goodies at goodwill, games of SKATOSIS, Brain Anderson and Madonnas… all that and more!