Skatosis #6


Fresh off a Florida vacation, Drew and Aaron are back to grind out another session at the ODS HQ

Show Notes:

00:36 greetings
01:17 podcast milestones
01:40 The Dawn and Drew Show!
02:30 SK8 Mafia 2016 video
03:49 skater kids in Hawaii
04:39 ODS stickers
06:00 what teams should be on KOTR?
07:16 Pedro Barros oververt smith grind
10:00 Rune Glifberg
10:35 Skateline subliminal frames
13:16 Tyson Bowerbank – Recruited
16:42 Alex Sorgente wins Vans Pool Series
20:00 Brendon Villanueva’s “Send It” Part
21:40 getting old and senior discounts
22:55 Cream City Groupons for upcoming road trip
24:38 skate update
24:52 On the Pew with the Barn Burner Crew
24:57 Sk8r Diary
25:40 ODS Contest
26:30 Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
27:29 sign off
Outro / Ad by Black Caverns

Skatosis #5

Aaron Monte executing the perfect #handsdownstairdown 🚶🚶👀👀

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Drew and Aaron banked this week’s show while Drew is out on a Florida road trip, but that can’t stop the Skatosis. Nothing can.

Show Notes:

00:36 greetings
01:08 credit card
01:28 the gonz board sliding kinked rails
01:52 Thrasher King of the Road issue a.k.a. Jaws Show
02:38 Corrections Department: Robin Hood, not Peter Pan in episode 2
04:14 Primitive in Canada
06:15 Today was a Good Day (it was a switch tre!)
08:57 Carlos Ribeiro and his magnetic trucks
10:03 Out of Frame: Pushing With Prosthetics
11:29 Skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics
17:28 Skatosis commentating at the Olympics!
18:30 Diamond Footwear squad
20:00 Brandon Biebel – manny monster
20:46 cross trainers as skateboarders?
22:06 #handsdownstairdown happened!!
23:48 ODS Contest / Giveaway for iTunes reviews
26:45 #GoSkate!
26:48 Outro by Black Caverns

Skatosis #4

Drew with Torey Pudwill, the King of Pop!

Drew with Torey Pudwill, the King of Pop!

Drew and Aaron are back for another Skatosis session at ODS HQ and there’s a lot to talk about today in the world of skateboarding.

Show Notes:

1:05 Surfin Bird Skate ShopSurfin Bird Goes To College
3:08 Streets of Fire – Oshkosh, WI
3:50 crispy clean outfit for makes
5:45 tiny house skate life
7:23 Skatosis – Skate Til Death song from Oblivion
8:12 busted up ribs
8:55 trip to Key West
9:08 pet stingrays
9:37 skatable fishtank
10:43 Braille Skateboarding’s glass skateboard
12:05 4″ wide board
12:50 sk8r diary 41
13:00 Sunday Church Skate
13:38 ODS HQ is my church
14:40 Hands Down with Spencer Barton
16:00 #handsdownstairdown
17:00 Highcliff park for photo
17:14 technical difficulties at ODS HQ
18:46 trendy body varials
19:04 Franky Villani – No Cash Value
20:26 Tory Pudwill is very lightweight
21:37 sore ankles from flat ground
23:30 CJ Collins – Teenrager
27:37 1st Instagram account in 1986
29:20 stoked on new monte footage
29:40 hurt ribs
30:02 long backside grind carnival bell
31:03 superfluous tricks
32:35 who is CJ Collin’s handler?
33:25 Hosoi’s kid at skatercross
34:47 audio interruption
35:27 – ODS Giveaway contest
36:14 – Skate Til Death – by Mark Matula a.k.a Oblivion

Skatosis #3


Drew and Aaron head down to Chicago’s Grant Park for the day to promote Old Dude Skate Co and Skatosis, as well as shoot some clips for this week’s On the Pew. Once we got back to HQ we sat down to talk about the day along with the following topics.

Skatosis #2

Erick Winkowski blasting a backside air over the shallow end stairs! Photo by Thrasher Magazine.

Erick Winkowski blasting a backside air over the shallow end stairs! Photo by Thrasher Magazine.

Drew and Aaron are back with another session! Some of the topics in today’s episode are: The amazing Erick Winkowski and his recent parts and photos; The Dew Tour stop in LA; Tony Hawk and his recent NBD; perspectives between skate photography and videography; the now ready ODS shirts!

Thanks to our good friend and fellow skater with Skatosis, Jeff Rupard, for the killer intro/outro from his band Black Caverns!


One the Pew with the Barn Burner Crew!

Skatosis #1


In our inaugural session, we introduce ourselves a bit and talk about the greatest scavenger hunt on the planet, Thrasher’s King of the Road from 2015 that they just finished airing on Viceland as well as webisodes on Thrasher’s website.

Special thanks to Grindline for letting us use their awesome music for our show! The song in this episode is called digging ditches and burning bridges mix and you can check them out here.