Skatosis #36

Skatosis #36

Happy First Day of Spring!!! We made it through winter and managed to skate every week!


00:36 intros and greetings
01:20 Miles Silvas PUSH part
03:24 Louie Lopez Spitfire part
04:13 it must be nice, does Yoon skate?
04:50 BATB XI – filmers edition?
06:05 working in skateboarding
06:55 overlooking Chicago as a skate stop
13:03 podcasting Hall of Fame
13:42 possible Skatosis road trip
16:09 skate park water cooler
17:00 In-n-Out Burger
17:54 meeting Chaz Ortiz
18:30 In Crust We Trust
19:20 Spring long boarding
19:39 skateboarding all winter
20:25 fully addicted to skateboarding
20:46 OTP without Monte
21:46 Erik Winkowski Independent Ad
23:00 learn switch so that fakie isn’t so hard?
24:20 Elijah channels Natas on the same fire hydrant
24:47 Natas inspired my ollies
26:24 Skate Girls – The Conversation
27:30 Skatosis and being a niche podcast
28:46 Monday’s are the best day of the week!
29:08 Happy first day of Spring!
29:25 outros and goodbyes


OTP with the BBC Video Episodes


NICK TUCKER | The Berrics

Nick Tucker is absolutely on the list of guys that skate either regular or goofy. This is NOT switch!!

Nick Tucker turned Pro two years ago and is already exhibiting the wisdom of a veteran: every clip he films is a memory; each part is a time capsule of his early years as a Pro. That sort of rare foresight is Nick’s key to fully embracing the grind of traveling and filming—his outlook is a diamond in the rough. With projects like this amazing part he filmed for the PUSH series, Nick’s time capsule is guaranteed to overflow.

Source: NICK TUCKER | The Berrics

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