On the Pew VIDEO

ThankSkating Day Session

Happy ThankSkating from Old Dude Skate Co. and Skatosis!!

MUSIC: Witchfane
SKATERS: Aaron Monte, Matt Russel, Tyler Cassel, Andrew Horner, Alex Ritger, Hunter Penoske, Drew Domkus, Jeff Skomski, Matt Plzak, Loggan Plummer, Matt Negrete, Marty Wojahn, Ian Morris
FILMERS: Drew & Loggan

46th Birthday Barn Burner!

I had such a great 46th birthday session. Thanks to everyone that was able to make it out! We had most of SE Wisconsin represented from Milwaukee, West Bend, Beaver Dam, Oshkosh and even Appleton!

Music is from Scaterd Few from the album Jawboneofanass that I played on back in 1989.

LarbFest4 @ Cream City

LarbFest4 at Cream City Skatepark in Butler, Wisconsin. Kevin Baekkel, Lefty, Chris Cope and many more.

Music is Cuffed and Stuffed by Grindline the Band

OTP with the BBC #76

We spent the day out stacking clips for a bigger project, but I enjoy having the OTP edits for all the throw away makes!! We’re looking forward to showing off all the clips we’re saving up!

Music is by Rasputina

Off the Pew in Golden, Colorado

Drew had a great first trip ever out to Colorado this past weekend and got to skate Ulysses park in Golden with James Plautz. We recorded a 40 minute audio podcast from the park as well which will be out later today. #shredtheword

Music is Runnin Outa Places by Grindline the Band

Surfin’ Bird visits the ODS HQ

Had a great little session the other day with a couple of the Surfin’ Bird Skateshop guys. It was their first time checking out the Old Dude Skate Co. HQ.

Music is Musket Jack by Wamsley


Surfin’ Bird Premier of Back in 5

I spent a wonderful evening in Appleton last night with the very talented crew from the Surfin’ Bird Skateshop. I brought generously donated beer from Brenner Brewing Company and planned to shoot a little video about the night, but didn’t expect to film an impromptu demo in front of the venue for the premier, The Draw. Thanks for having me out, I had a great time!

The full video “Back in 5” is available on Vimeo

Music is Hellride to the Holyland by Grindline the Band