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Skatosis #34

Skatosis #34

We’re both a little beat up today but nothing can stop our love of skateboarding…


00:37 greetings & intros
01:00 Real life THPS rewards “Get some!”
01:55 Danny Way and his records vs. the China Wall
03:15 Aaron and his weak dancing knees
05:45 Birthday recap – 43 rock to fakies on OTP.32
06:50 The Barn Burner Crew at Cream City Skate Park!
10:02 busted hip while covered in pads
12:20 skatosis is the worst when you’re hurt
13:03 skateboarding!
13:47 more speed = more tricks
14:35 metal on concrete makes me smile
14:50 local phenom Carter Oeflein @coeflein on Double Tapped twice in 2 weeks!
18:30 hippie jump hubba / hippie chute?
19:38 ETN feedback
22:50 Congrats to Louie Lopez for winning Tampa Pro
25:00 Tom Schaar wins the Vans Park Series 2017
29:25 Atlantic Drift ep. 2
32:25 Jaws playing jaw harp techno
34:20 no comply shuv to no comply
34:55 Primitive mini doc on Diejo Najera
36:07 Beaver Fleming found the cheat codes for Skatercross
37:55 Daewon Song is the ultimate skateboarding ambassador
41:50 shout outs and goodbyes

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