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Skatosis #36

Skatosis #36

Happy First Day of Spring!!! We made it through winter and managed to skate every week!


00:36 intros and greetings
01:20 Miles Silvas PUSH part
03:24 Louie Lopez Spitfire part
04:13 it must be nice, does Yoon skate?
04:50 BATB XI – filmers edition?
06:05 working in skateboarding
06:55 overlooking Chicago as a skate stop
13:03 podcasting Hall of Fame
13:42 possible Skatosis road trip
16:09 skate park water cooler
17:00 In-n-Out Burger
17:54 meeting Chaz Ortiz
18:30 In Crust We Trust
19:20 Spring long boarding
19:39 skateboarding all winter
20:25 fully addicted to skateboarding
20:46 OTP without Monte
21:46 Erik Winkowski Independent Ad
23:00 learn switch so that fakie isn’t so hard?
24:20 Elijah channels Natas on the same fire hydrant
24:47 Natas inspired my ollies
26:24 Skate Girls – The Conversation
27:30 Skatosis and being a niche podcast
28:46 Monday’s are the best day of the week!
29:08 Happy first day of Spring!
29:25 outros and goodbyes

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