Skatosis #9


Drew and Aaron are back for another therapy session…

Show Notes:

00:40 greetings
01:14 Aaron goes back to Chicago and meets Timmy Johnson and Chaz Ortiz!
02:10 Code Cepeda Push
06:10 Filming for Streets of Fire
06:55 Chris Gregson’s Back to the Front
10:57 Skatosis Facebook page as a skate repository
13:00 learning late grabs
14:18 ODS longboard coming soon
15:09 Shred Report bumper
15:54 rock to fakie
16:42 Neil Blender back on a skateboard (old demo footage)
18:26 Myquel Haddox huge front 180 over two picnic tables!
20:33 Micky Pappa in Oshkosh
21:29 Gleaming the Cube (review coming)
23:40 coffee bet
25:40 New Balance Numeric’s “Tinto de Verano” Video edited by James Messina
31:30 learning madonnas
32:48 Shred Report – Chicago
33:22 Locals Only
34:58 Skatosis is kicking in
36:03 #GOSKATE
36:09 ad – use the code SK8
36:48 Outro / Ad by Black Caverns