Skatosis #13

Aaron Monte - fs ollie

Our first episode on Facebook Live! We go on and on about our awesome sponsor Old Dude Skate Co. before we start going through this week’s clips, talking about being a hipster, regular vs. goofy, and it’s Drew’s birthday next week!


00:40 greetings
01:33 we’re on Facebook Live!
01:56 On the Pew with the Barn Burner Crew
02:03 Old Dude Skate Co – Hoodie Pre-Sale
03:00 ODS Longboards (beachsloth)
05:34 harpy eagles
06:30 hashtags
08:53 being a hipster
12:21 Leandre Sanders (skates street regular, transition goofy)
17:00 regular vs. goofy
21:19 Gleaming the Cube homework review
24:20 Surveillance #02 with Kyle Walker
26:00 20 year gap
28:57 snowboarding vs. skateboarding
32:11 Chris Mulhurn @ The Berrics
32:57 DJI Mavic Pro drones
33:55 Rumble in Ramona 6
35:08 Tony Hawk Facebook Live rules!
37:50 closing goodbyes