Skatosis #4

Drew with Torey Pudwill, the King of Pop!

Drew with Torey Pudwill, the King of Pop!

Drew and Aaron are back for another Skatosis session at ODS HQ and there’s a lot to talk about today in the world of skateboarding.

Show Notes:

1:05 Surfin Bird Skate ShopSurfin Bird Goes To College
3:08 Streets of Fire – Oshkosh, WI
3:50 crispy clean outfit for makes
5:45 tiny house skate life
7:23 Skatosis – Skate Til Death song from Oblivion
8:12 busted up ribs
8:55 trip to Key West
9:08 pet stingrays
9:37 skatable fishtank
10:43 Braille Skateboarding’s glass skateboard
12:05 4″ wide board
12:50 sk8r diary 41
13:00 Sunday Church Skate
13:38 ODS HQ is my church
14:40 Hands Down with Spencer Barton
16:00 #handsdownstairdown
17:00 Highcliff park for photo
17:14 technical difficulties at ODS HQ
18:46 trendy body varials
19:04 Franky Villani – No Cash Value
20:26 Tory Pudwill is very lightweight
21:37 sore ankles from flat ground
23:30 CJ Collins – Teenrager
27:37 1st Instagram account in 1986
29:20 stoked on new monte footage
29:40 hurt ribs
30:02 long backside grind carnival bell
31:03 superfluous tricks
32:35 who is CJ Collin’s handler?
33:25 Hosoi’s kid at skatercross
34:47 audio interruption
35:27 – ODS Giveaway contest
36:14 – Skate Til Death – by Mark Matula a.k.a Oblivion

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