Skatosis #7


After a weekend full of skating as well as a road trip to the Lake Geneva, WI skatepark, Drew and Aaron are back with the sickness…

Show Notes:

00:36 greetings
01:10 lots of skating going on… Sk8r Diary 42
01:50 Skatosis vs. On the Pew feedback
02:56 Sunday night session at ODS HQ
03:43 First Try Firday at the barn?
04:00 games of S.K.A.T.O.S.I.S.
05:15 Skatosis contest for iTunes reviews
07:00 Saved clips for show on Skatosis Facebook page
07:55 Fully tweaked rock and roll
09:30 Gonz version
09:58 Brad McClain version
11:03 frontside rock and rolls
13:30 blunt to blunt to blunt
14:00 Lewis Marnell
14:20 sound systems
15:00 Street League New Jersey stop
17:17 Style: Nyjah Huston vs. Shane O’neill
22:38 Chris Joslin gets 2nd in Street League
23:54 Skatosis Road Trip: Lake Geneva skate park a.k.a. Scooter Day Care
26:05 Cat emergency
31:44 Skatosis, not Skootosis
32:03 sliding hand plant transfer (Rodrigue Dias, filmed by @fiseworld)
34:44 Skate til Death with Jeff the Midget / Black Caverns
36:30 Skateboarding advertising and music
38:15 sign off
39:27 Outro / Ad by Black Caverns