Skatosis #15


We’re recording and skateboarding in the middle of the night this week! Lots of talk about Chicago, the upcoming contest in Oshkosh, skanking, rails, as well as all the clips we’ve been watching!


00:40 greetings
01:30 super late recording session
02:45 Facebook Live (my camera died towards the end!!)
03:12 new wheels and bearings are the best!
04:15 Streets of Fire contest coming up on Saturday the 29th!
06:50 Oh Yes… ODS!
09:10 ramp initiation
10:26 Aaron’s skate trip to Chicago and Madison
11:23 more ODS stickers at Grant Park!
12:20 ODS stickers – go buy some!
13:40 Aaron’s on his 3rd ODS skateboard!
15:45 Aaron’s favorite weekend spot
17:02 Spanky’s b-sides
19:14 skank vs. skank
21:39 one rail for grabs?
23:47 skateboarding dog Guiness Record
25:30 Kyle Walker grinding a huuuuge rail
26:50 SOTY 2016??
29:10 Phelps and his interview style
31:53 Jaws Magnified in Tokyo
33:13 Jaws STF Bones!
34:58 spray painting skateboards
37:53 closing goodbyes


Skatosis #14


Drew’s 45th Birthday episode! We talk about the killer barn skate session last weekend with 20 skaters killing it! We also talk about Dylan Rieder, Figgy, KOTR, and a bunch more…


00:40 greetings
01:18 scratchy voice apologies
01:43 Drew’s 45th birth skate session with the Barn Burner Crew!
07:14 Aaron’s parking spot at ODS HQ
08:00 R.I.P. Dylan Rieder
11:15 Figgy’s B Role
11:30 Facebook Live again
12:18 skateboarding and manners
13:38 you catch more flies with honey then with vinegar
14:30 getting to know you’re skater bro
15:45 focus your board and its meaning
22:28 tricks and their names
23:25 Cabelarial – Now You Know
24:25 purists
26:30 Nyjah Bangin
28:00 Leticia Bufoni doesn’t look hurt at all!
28:30 impossible to judge skateboarding style
29:44 age limitations for Olympics?
31:23 Nike and the Back to the Future shoes
37:50 closing goodbyes
32:35 Magnified Oscar Navarro
32:45 PUSH 2
32:53 Malto – Reflections
33:14 closing goodbyes


Skatosis #13

Aaron Monte - fs ollie

Our first episode on Facebook Live! We go on and on about our awesome sponsor Old Dude Skate Co. before we start going through this week’s clips, talking about being a hipster, regular vs. goofy, and it’s Drew’s birthday next week!


00:40 greetings
01:33 we’re on Facebook Live!
01:56 On the Pew with the Barn Burner Crew
02:03 Old Dude Skate Co – Hoodie Pre-Sale
03:00 ODS Longboards (beachsloth)
05:34 harpy eagles
06:30 hashtags
08:53 being a hipster
12:21 Leandre Sanders (skates street regular, transition goofy)
17:00 regular vs. goofy
21:19 Gleaming the Cube homework review
24:20 Surveillance #02 with Kyle Walker
26:00 20 year gap
28:57 snowboarding vs. skateboarding
32:11 Chris Mulhurn @ The Berrics
32:57 DJI Mavic Pro drones
33:55 Rumble in Ramona 6
35:08 Tony Hawk Facebook Live rules!
37:50 closing goodbyes


Skatosis #12


We’re sick with Skatosis and talk mostly about Street League, Leticia Bufoni, Chris Joslin, Shane Oneil, Brian Anderson and a bunch of other skateboarding topics!


00:38 greetings
01:50 skating at night
02:15 Streets of Fire
02:20 glow in the dark skate session??
03:49 Contest in Oshkosh! Oct 29th
Halloween Spooktacular Skateboard Contest
04:41 ODS sponsorship! giving away some product
05:37 Coozie or Koozie or Coozy or Koozy??
06:44 hoodie with coozie pocket by Zane Lamprey
07:27 ODS Hoodie pre-sale coming soon! What’s your favorite style?
09:00 Support Skatosis by shopping at Old Dude Skate Co and Adam & Eve
09:38 slams from On the Pew #10
10:59 yoga
11:30 Street League recap including Leticia Bufoni and her mega slam!
15:55 PRod’s pebble OCD and his new sponsor
18:00 Chris Cole does great commentary
20:34 ODS plans and goals
21:20 Brian Anderson on coming out and being a rad skater
26:10 “the first cement loop in the world”
29:18 Avocado skatepark
30:41 crazy gap to hill bomb
30:10 Avocado couple tattoo
31:23 growing up visiting steep LA streets
33:20 Titanic final hill bomb
35:20 closing goodbyes


Skatosis #10


We’ve made it to episode 10!

Show Notes:

00:00 Ads – Old Dude Skate Co. & AdamandEve.com
00:43 greetings
01:50 Pregnant lady dropping in
02:50 Skatosis Facebook page
03:00 Grant Taylor in King Puppy
06:04 best skate wife in town…
06:15 Cody Cepeda
07:28 ODS sticker in a real skate part!
09:00 Paypal woes
09:24 Myquel Haddox compilation clip
10:43 Daewon at the Hollywood Throwdown
13:14 skater interviews?
14:07 selfie with Daewon
14:20 Pabich brothers 6 Pack
16:58 fast plants and boneless ones
19:10 Rhino’s age?!?
20:30 Drew’s turning 45 next month!
21:25 kickflips for kisses
22:00 “I used to skate”
22:58 baby Drew with a skateboard
23:56 The Barefoot Skaters of India
28:01 plugs and farewell #goskate
28:25 Ads – AdamandEve.com & Old Dude Skate Co.

Intro/Outro/Ads music bed by Black Caverns

Skatosis #9


Drew and Aaron are back for another therapy session…

Show Notes:

00:40 greetings
01:14 Aaron goes back to Chicago and meets Timmy Johnson and Chaz Ortiz!
02:10 Code Cepeda Push
06:10 Filming for Streets of Fire
06:55 Chris Gregson’s Back to the Front
10:57 Skatosis Facebook page as a skate repository
13:00 learning late grabs
14:18 ODS longboard coming soon
15:09 Shred Report bumper
15:54 rock to fakie
16:42 Neil Blender back on a skateboard (old demo footage)
18:26 Myquel Haddox huge front 180 over two picnic tables!
20:33 Micky Pappa in Oshkosh
21:29 Gleaming the Cube (review coming)
23:40 coffee bet
25:40 New Balance Numeric’s “Tinto de Verano” Video edited by James Messina
31:30 learning madonnas
32:48 Shred Report – Chicago
33:22 Locals Only
34:58 Skatosis is kicking in
36:03 #GOSKATE
36:09 AdamandEve.com ad – use the code SK8
36:48 Outro / Ad by Black Caverns

Skatosis #8


We recorded this show in the middle of a killer Labor Day skate sesh at ODS HQ with the local Barn Burners as well as the Streets of Fire crew from Oshkosh!

Show Notes:

00:40 greetings
01:20 Streets of Fire Labor Day session!
05:00 out of breath from skatosis and out of water
05:57 Pepé Le Pew
07:37 oververt full clip – Bru-Ray: CPH 2016
10:00 Crazy
10:54 Drop of Doom
11:36 5pm geese
14:38 Jarne Verbruggen’s “Never Skatebored” Part Chinese Fountains
15:56 Happy 59th Birthday Tony Alva!
17:40 suicide by sad plant on a mega ramp #skatetildeath
19:17 Dylan Righthand and his many varial variations
19:55 pirouettes in ballet shoes up next
22:20 Skatosis Facebook
22:35 Android users and our iTunes contest
23:53 Black Caverns intros and bumpers
24:36 sign off
24:46 AdamandEve.com ad – use the code SK8
25:24 Outro / Ad by Black Caverns

Skatosis #7


After a weekend full of skating as well as a road trip to the Lake Geneva, WI skatepark, Drew and Aaron are back with the sickness…

Show Notes:

00:36 greetings
01:10 lots of skating going on… Sk8r Diary 42
01:50 Skatosis vs. On the Pew feedback
02:56 Sunday night session at ODS HQ
03:43 First Try Firday at the barn?
04:00 games of S.K.A.T.O.S.I.S.
05:15 Skatosis contest for iTunes reviews
07:00 Saved clips for show on Skatosis Facebook page
07:55 Fully tweaked rock and roll
09:30 Gonz version
09:58 Brad McClain version
11:03 frontside rock and rolls
13:30 blunt to blunt to blunt
14:00 Lewis Marnell
14:20 sound systems
15:00 Street League New Jersey stop
17:17 Style: Nyjah Huston vs. Shane O’neill
22:38 Chris Joslin gets 2nd in Street League
23:54 Skatosis Road Trip: Lake Geneva skate park a.k.a. Scooter Day Care
26:05 Cat emergency
31:44 Skatosis, not Skootosis
32:03 sliding hand plant transfer (Rodrigue Dias, filmed by @fiseworld)
34:44 Skate til Death with Jeff the Midget / Black Caverns
36:30 Skateboarding advertising and music
38:15 sign off
39:27 Outro / Ad by Black Caverns