Skatosis #6


Fresh off a Florida vacation, Drew and Aaron are back to grind out another session at the ODS HQ

Show Notes:

00:36 greetings
01:17 podcast milestones
01:40 The Dawn and Drew Show!
02:30 SK8 Mafia 2016 video
03:49 skater kids in Hawaii
04:39 ODS stickers
06:00 what teams should be on KOTR?
07:16 Pedro Barros oververt smith grind
10:00 Rune Glifberg
10:35 Skateline subliminal frames
13:16 Tyson Bowerbank – Recruited
16:42 Alex Sorgente wins Vans Pool Series
20:00 Brendon Villanueva’s “Send It” Part
21:40 getting old and senior discounts
22:55 Cream City Groupons for upcoming road trip
24:38 skate update
24:52 On the Pew with the Barn Burner Crew
24:57 Sk8r Diary
25:40 ODS Contest
26:30 Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
27:29 sign off
Outro / Ad by Black Caverns